The Ennstal-Classic


Words by: JPS for duncan quinn

The legendary Mille Miglia is of course one of the chief highlights of the classic motorsports calendar.

But there’s a reason it’s more popular with Italian drivers than German ones. For Teutonic pedal-pushers the Mille is a bit too messy – too much traffic for one thing, not to mention the route snakes through some, to the Germanic eye, unsightly city streets. Hence in 1993 automotive experts and journalists Helmut Zwickl and Michael Glöckner founded the Ennstal-Classic, a three-day classic motoring rally through the pristine Austrian Alps, delivering all challenges of the Mille Miglia with none of the distracting Italian emotions, scenery and spectators. “Beautiful mountain landscapes, with the smell of hay and hot engines is in the air,” is the way it’s described on the event’s website.


At the Ennstal, “the only thing that counts is pure driving without the aid of electronic devices.” Once the event had been underway for several years it became readily apparent that classic Porsches were the vehicle of choice for Ennstal enthusiasts. Hence since 2014 Porsche has signed on as primary sponsor for the event, seeing it as good advertising for the longevity and sustained sexiness of its revered sports models, from the 550 Spyder to the 356 and 911, and started sending cars from its own Museum collection. The 2016 event is set to kick off July 27 – July 30. Of course there will be plenty of other marques in evidence – even some Alfas and Maseratis. The legendary Mercedes 300 SLR #722 with which Stirling Moss won the Mille Miglia in 1955 put in an appearance a few years back. But for classic Porsche enthusiasts it’s a must. So we’ll be seeing you in Austria this summer.