Super Cali Fragilistic Evo O Delicious

It had been a pretty hectic week. I’d had to put back my trip to LA for a week.  Then I missed my flight. I was already exhausted and I hadn’t even started. The shining light at the end of the tunnel was the grin I could already see on my face as I felt the front wheel lifting off the tarmac as I wound on the power. That and the incredibly serene scenery of the pacific coast. Sheep and fields as far as the eye could see to my right, the ocean fifty feet or so below me to the left.


In an ideal world its sunny, clear and crisp.  But even as it became this time, cold, wet and bone-chilling it is still an experience not to be missed.  Its 475 miles from the duncan quinn Los Angeles store to Union Square in San Francisco.  Well, if you go the fun route at least.  Route 5 to Bakersfield, 58 West, a quick blip up the 101 to 46 West, then up glorious Route 1 to Monterey before a final blast up 101 into ‘Frisco.

Its a lot of time in a full on race suit in the cold and rain.  But the reward is a smile from ear to ear and about twelve hours of peace, focus and serenity while communing with the god of adrenaline.

No matter how many times I insert myself into the hot seat on one of these things it always brings about a certain calm.  And a certain apprehension.  Coupled with focus and a tingle in the family jewels.

The top-of-the line Ducati Panigale S with ABS and all the trimmings that awaited me in the duncan quinn LA store is no exception. Nearly 200bhp on tap. Practically slick tires.  And a tuned aftermarket Termignoni exhaust system so raucous even earplugs can’t protect your aural system.  Basically a balls-to-the-wall racer.  But with street-lights.

In the wrong hands this missile can have your license revoke in first gear on the freeway.  But in the right hands she can get from A to B with almost time machine-like speed. Or even allow you to use two Korean lunatics in a hopped up Nissan GT-R and M3 respectively to act as your radar detector in the small hours of the morning from Bakersfield to LA.

You think your way around corners more than steer around them.  Simply look where you want to go and she’ll get you there as if on rails.

Of all the bikes I’ve tested in the last few years this beast felt the most glued to the road.  As if it weighed a few tons, not a few hundred pounds.

The combination of unbelievable torque, huge power, incredible brakes and a totally planted front wheel makes for a rare beast.

And I’d be happy taking her out any time she has time…

Ducati Panigale S Evo: *****… a growling beast
Route 1: *****… off the clock
Shitty Weather:  Zero Stars…