It was an untypical week of exceptional experiences and toys.


It was an untypical week of exceptional experiences and toys. After all, its not often you end up in a Bungalow at Chateau Marmont. With a matte tango orange Aston Martin Vanquish in the garage. And the most hooligan of motorcycles on the market parked in the path leading to the front door. Even if you are very, very, lucky this is a time to breathe deep and celebrate every second of life.

Breathing deep is a necessity with toys of this calibre. You almost need a certificate in yogi breathing to maintain a steady 60 bpm or less while all around you is becoming a blur coupled with a cacophony of glorious sound that causes your seratonin levels to peak even as your adrenal glands work overtime.

I had riden the RSV-4 APRC Factory from LA to Monterey for Pebble Beach in 2011 and it proved to be the ride of a lifetime. I had forgotten what an utter hooligan machine this bike is. Despite my tepid feelings for its looks in terms of delivery it is simply second to none.

A novice with respect could ride it around town but it just begs to be let loose like some caged beast. And a beast it is. Goading you on to perform feats you didn’t think you were capable of. And delivery mind numbing acts of acceleration, grip and general amazingness.

When the time is right it may make for the ultimate cafe racer project…1970s Monza GP looks, coupled with state-of-the art 2000’s race technology.

Now there’s a heady thought…