Out of India


Words by: JPS for duncan quinn

Even whilst seeking adventure, a true gentleman always has an eye out for doing a bit of good.

Hence the Elephant Charge, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, and other endeavors where philanthropy mixes with a damn good time which we like to take part in. So news of the launch of something called the Royal Enfield Desert Relief Ride caught our eye. For one thing, count us in on anything to do with Royal Enfield. The British bikes are now made in India with a strong dose of nostalgia for the Empire, so where better for an epic journey astride one of the machines? The event, put on by Relief Riders International is scheduled to take place from January 16–18.


Besides riding through some incredible landscapes with 500cc’s between your knees you will stop off for a bit of well-drilling, building and looking in on humanitarian projects benefiting from the $6,400 fee. You’ll motor across the Thar Desert of Rajasthan from the outskirts of Jaipur all the way to Jaisalmer, then south to Jodhpur, followed by a visit to the famed Kumbhalgarh Fort. The 1,800 km road trip through the land of the Maharajahs – the tiger-hunting chaps in fancy dress who loved precious gems and Rolls-Royces – is limited to just 15 riders. If all goes well the company is planning a second expedition through the Himalayas next summer. Now of course you’ll want to be properly kitted out for an adventure like this. Give us a bell and we’ll be happy to help.


Words by JPS for duncan quinn