Off to the Races


Words by: JPS for duncan quinn

There are two kinds of people who watch races, be it Ascot or Le Mans:

the ones who own the horses and the racing teams, and the ones who are mere looky-loos. The former can be found in the royal enclosure or VIP tent, drinking champagne either with gusto or abandon, depending on how well they’re doing on the track or field. And its definitely with the fat cats in mind that Leica and Hermés have debuted their latest collaboration, the Leica Ultravid 8 x 32 HD-PLUS “Edition Hermès”, a pair of binoculars fit for a lord with a $10,000 pricetag. An heirloom-to-be, which is how any accessory costing that much had best be described.


Only 111 pairs of the binocs will be available worldwide, celebrating the fact that Leica made its first pair of binoculars 111 years ago. Each pair features its own limited edition serial number and is wrapped in Hermès “swift” calfskin in the design house’s signature ‘Rouge H’ color, presented in a special handcrafted swift calfskin leather and canvas Hermés bag. The bag’s leather accents, shoulder strap and wrist strap match the wrapping on the binocs. Very retro and dashing, the sort of thing Q Branch might whip up along with a few unadvertised features – though 007 would only use them for scoping out potential Bond girls, of course…