Mclaren 650s

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Words by: Duncan Quinn

Don’t be deceived when you first set eyes on it. This is exactly what it looks like. Trouble.
Of the best variety.

Don’t be confused when you climb in using body origami and tootle off thinking ‘this doesn’t seem so special’.

And most of all, don’t underestimate how much of a beast this wolf in sheep’s clothing really is.

It should of course come as no surprise that the latest progeny of the skunkworks known as McLaren is a tour de force of gearhead pleasure.

After all, you partly have James Hunt to thank.

At this juncture see the Oxford English Dictionary for the definition of “Playboy” if you don’t know who he was.

In a day of many pleasures, stretching from a visit from an old friend, actor Sebastian Roche, through bacon donuts at the Nickel in downtown L.A. – and donuts of a different variety on the PCH, giving the tail on this puppy a wiggle was one of the most viscerally charging moments in a while.Like sitting in a hot tub with a feisty beauty, while mainlining a good dose of something stimulating. Just a little more dangerous.And holy sh*t does she wiggle well….

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Words by Duncan Quinn