Mansell’s Machine


Words by: JPS for duncan quinn

Nigel Mansell, the dashing British racing driver who won both the Formula One World Championship and the CART Indy Car World Series,

had no shortage of fast cars at his disposal. He raced for the likes of Lotus, Ferrari and McLaren, but when it came to having a bit of fun off the track his choice was a first generation 1984 Audi Quattro. The red rocket is going to be auctioned by H&H Classics at its IWM Duxford sale in the UK on April 20th where it’s expected to bring in about $60,000 and includes a copy of the Isle of Man registration document in Mansell’s name.


“It was not only Rally and F1 drivers who appreciated the car’s capabilities,” notes Damian Jones, Sales Manager of H&H Classics. “The Audi’s turn of speed and sure-footed handling made it a popular choice with members of the underworld in period – hence the reason no doubt that DCI Gene Hunt was allocated one for the hit TV series Ashes to Ashes.” Thoroughly overhauled, the car’s original turbocharged 2144cc five-cylinder powerplant has been refurbished along with other key parts making the ur-Quattro ready to tear up the roads once again.


Words by JPS for duncan quinn