Drinking & Driving


Words by: JPS for duncan quinn

Heir to the Johnnie Walker distilling fortune, Rob Walker (born in 1918) could have quietly tended the family business

and led a very comfortable life. Instead he channeled some of the Scotch-soaked dosh into the Rob Walker Racing Team, founded 1953, which became Formula 1’s most successful privateer in history. The first and only entrant to win a World Championship Formula One Grand Prix without ever building their own car, Walker also racked up the first-ever F1 Grand Prix wins for Cooper and Lotus in Monaco in 1960.


Decking out his cars in the Scottish national colours (blue with a white stripe) and hiring on drivers like the great Stirling Moss (who was at the wheel for the historic Lotus win) Walker soon became a legend on the British racing circuit. Off-track Walker of course owned the ultimate gentleman’s sports saloon, a 1964 Aston Martin DB5, which will be part of the offerings at Bonhams’ Bond Street Sale in London on Dec. 6. Finished in a natty blue-on-blue colour scheme, it’s coming from the Gordon Willey Collection with an estimate of £400,000-£450,000. We’ll drink to that.


Words by JPS for duncan quinn