CCC Test Pilot For A Day

Enzo Ferrari once said that the Jaguar XKE was the most beautiful car ever created. I wouldn’t dare to disagree. But I’d be amazed to get flak for suggesting that the AC Cobra is probably the sexiest. In a rough and dirty kind of way. She’s definitely not the belle of the ball. But she’d drag you to the bathrooms at the fancy charity bash and shag the arse off you. Leaving you a little flummoxed as to what just happened. And yet gagging for more.


I somehow met Zac and Mike at the Manhattan Classic Car Club
( many years ago when they were first
setting up shop on Hudson Street.  It was supposed to be an offshoot of the
original club in London.  But it soon outgrew and outshone its progenitor.  How
could it not in a city where owning a car is a nightmare.  Add the fact that in a city
of playboy bachelors unable to commit you can take whatever model you like for a
spin today, tomorrow, or next week  and it starts to look pretty damned attractive.
So attractive that I became a member and have been lucky enough to enjoy many
of their charms from the mighty Ford GT through Ferraris, Lamborghinis and
early model 911s for many years now.

They have a selection that would make all but the most hardened gear head get
excited.  And of all of the range available I’ve always had a soft spot for the AC
Cobra.  So I decided to take her out again.  As part of a new series of pieces we’ll
be doing test piloting the CCC fleet.

Yes, its a kit.  And it isn’t worth millions of dollars like the originals.  But she has
the looks.  And she wags her tail very convincingly if you care to try your hand at
steering with your right foot instead of, or in combination with, the steering
wheel.  Weighing in at bugger all, and powered by a small block Ford engine
pumping out quite a few hundred ponies she’ll definitely tickle your fancy.

There’s no heater.  There’s no stereo.  There’s no top.  But that is all, quite frankly,
missing the point.  As a visceral driving experience its hard to beat.

And it attracts hot girls for a chat better than a small dog or a baby.  So what more
is there to say.

Classic Car Club: ***** More motoring than you can handle. For not much more than the price of a parking space.AC Cobra: ***** A primal heart-stopping beast.