Kicking up dust on the Côte d’Azur


Words by: JPS for duncan quinn

We like a fast (OK very fast) bike as much as the next bloke, but no matter the number of cc’s there’s always got to be a big dose of style.

And so frankly most of the monster muscle bikes don’t do it for us. Outsized engines and they all look a bit too Terminator for our taste. So we’re pretty chuffed when someone goes retro in a big way and gives a modern bike a dose of old-school kickass cool. In the case of Côte d’Azur-based Ortolani Customs, the bike they’ve chosen for their latest modification isn’t much of a speed demon: the BMW R100 RS, one of Beemer’s more practical rides. The perfect canvas, however, for a throwback custom with serious style chops.


The job began with some shortening and tightening of forks and frame, reports Bike EXIF. Then came a vintage fuel tank from the now-defunct German motorcycle manufacturer MZ, sans the original badges. Add to that aluminum side panels with hand-engraved BMW emblems, fabricated in house and so not likely to be seen elsewhere. They also hand crafted a sinuous stainless steel exhaust vented through grilled openings beneath the seat. And then upgraded the R100’s engine for a bit more, but not too much, muscle. Topped off with a deep blue paintjob and oxblood leather saddle, a fetching combination as we think you’ll agree. Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride here we come…


Words by JPS for duncan quinn