Blowers & Blue Trains


Words by: Jared Paul Stern

Talk about a summer road trip DQ style –

a squadron of legendary Bentleys is embarking on a tour of the world’s top historical and heritage automotive events over the next few months. The iconic motors include the famed “Blue Train” car that raced – and beat – the Calais-Mediterranée Express from Cannes; the Blower that entered Le Mans in 1930, the race won by Bentley Boys Woolf Barnato and Glen Kidston; the EXP2, aka the oldest Bentley in existence; and the 8 Litre, marque founder W.O. Bentley’s personal car.


Built in 1930, the 8 Litre was reacquired by Bentley in 2006 before being restored to its original condition. Extremely opulent and insanely speedy, the 8 Litre’s heady blend of craftsmanship and performance draws parallels with Bentley’s current flagship, the Mulsanne. The 8 Litre recently made the scene at the Bentley Drivers’ Club Weekend in Banbury UK while the Blue Train appeared at Goodwood and the EXP2 turned heads at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in Cheshire. There are many more appearances to come between now and October, including Salon Privé and Pebble Beach, and we hope to encounter the dashing Bentleys in person somewhere along the route. ‘Till then we’ll be polishing our best lead-lined boots…


Words by Jared Paul Stern