Black-Out Like Beckham


Words by: Jared Paul Stern

Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke division frequently demonstrates its ability to perform nearly any type of customization on its cars.

But certain celebs seem to be taking matters into their own hands of late, customizing their Rollers to make them more stealthy on the streets of Los Angeles – perhaps to help evade ever-present paparazzi but more likely to show they’ve still got (or aspire to) some street cred despite the 8-figure bank accounts and insular lives. Most recently we’ve seen the dapper David Beckham behind the wheel of a blacked-out Rolls-Royce Ghost, which in fact appears to be a two-tone model in black and matte black. An elegant effect somewhat mitigated by the fact that Becks was spotted emerging from a Soul Cycle class.


Kanye West has also been snapped taking a matte Ghost Series II out for a spin recently – in this case matte grey, a bit more subtle which is especially surprising considering the car is believed to actually belong to his over-exposed wife Kim K. Before the Series II they had a (what else) blacked-out Series I, and of course Kanye still has his matte black Aventador. Matte grey is also the Ghost scheme of choice for Cristiano Ronaldo, while The Game goes for more of a matte charcoal. And it’s back to matte black for Travis Barker of Blink 182, though the larger-than-life Rick Ross is more of a gloss black man. L.A. auto customizer Platinum Motorsport seems to be behind most of the aftermarket celebrity creations, no doubt done on the cuff for a bit of free publicity. And why not? It’s Hollywood after all….



Words by Jared Paul Stern