Bentley Mulsanne

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Words by: Duncan Quinn

I’ve only been to India a couple of times.
Each was an assault on all the senses.

Color, sound and taste bombarded by incredible contrasts and fascinating combinations.

I saw abject poverty.  And astounding wealth.

And then of course, there is Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, Ghandi, the Hooligans, Thuggees, Bollywood and all kinds of books, films and music I’ve absorbed over the years.

All the way from kormas on Cotham Hill to seven course tasting menus with wine pairings at Gymkhana in Mayfair. I’m fascinated by India.  Culturally. Culinarily. Aesthetically.  And in many other ways.

How could one not be impressed by a land of Maharajah’s wofting around on the backs of elephants seemingly dripping in jewels and pieces of eight?  Ensconced in plush silk howdahs with canopies being fed grapes.  And the rakes of the Raj hunting from them with special edition rifles custom built just for the job.I can’t say my passengers felt that much different this past weekend.  A car the size of an Indian bull elephant, kitted out like a prince’s living room, and with more than ample power to woft around with vim.  They were as electrified as the blue paint job.


Not quite as frisky as the more sporting junior member of the Bentley clan, the GT Speed.  But you wouldn’t want it any other way.  Climb aboard and melt into the luxurious accommodations in the rear and let your driver take care of the rest.As you sink into the Connolly hides and enjoy the Vavona veneers, Parker up front will be modulating the 6.75L twin turbo V8 so as to only catapult you from zero to 60mph and beyond when absolutely necessary.  After all, there’s no need to show off. Before you know it you’ll be arriving at your destination ready for action. To step out, cast a glance back at the beautiful lines, and then venture forth to host the feast, ratify the treaty, or commence the hunting for the weekend at the country pile.

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Words by Duncan Quinn Photos by Duncan Quinn