Bentley Bomber

For a big girl the Continental GT is surprisingly agile on the open road. For the London to St Tropez run I’m not sure what could be better than wafting along the Route-du-Soleil in the lap of luxury with the top down. As I’ve said before, she’s curvy in all the right places. And rather tasty. Christina Hendricks springs to mind.


But now she has a little sister, the V8. A little lither and a little more agile. But still suitably Rubinesque.  A whole lotta car one might say. Think of her as Kate Upton perhaps.

You have to be a very lucky man to take her for a test drive. And in only a few short laps it becomes very clear that she knows her business.

There’s a lot of sass, but she handles remarkably predictably for a big girl. Of course its not a game of point and shoot like her more skeletal cousins from Italy, but remember, she was built for comfort, not for speed.  So you’ll still be sitting pretty as you arrive in St Tropez. While your pal from Modena will be arriving with a bruised and sore arse.  He’ll have an ear to ear grin just like you.  And you’ll be able to swap stories.  But his involves a hard, unforgiving ride while yours was a sensuous love affair.

You can tell she’s the sportier, spicier version from the give aways Bentley has incorporated into her lines.  But most of all from the red enamel Bentley winged ‘B’.

So next time you spot some tasty curves blasting past you with a little bit of sideways action and exhausts that look like an elongated side-on figure of 8 you’ll know the gentleman rogue behind the wheel is having a good time.

Bentley Continental GT V8: Large and lithe. Lovely.  *****
Monticello Raceway: Bring your spare undies.  *****
St Tropez: Carnage Eurotrash style. *****