Colorado Crawlin’



Roads?  Where we’re going we don’t need roads…

I had somehow ended up 4 flights and 5,000 miles later under a clear blue sky with puffy white clouds in the middle of the wild west.

And I had been so happy the day before inhaling magnums of rosé and paddling on Anjuna Plage in Eze-sur-mer.

But duty called.  And it was for some risky business indeed.  So of course I said “yes”.

In preparation for this year’s Elephant Charge I had agreed to go investigate what is being hailed as the finest off road tire in the history of man.

This involved a well prepared assault course and schooling by a character who’s credits include winning the Camel Trophy.  I would strive to be the Young Grasshopper to his Kane.

Suitably knobbly and oozing Marlboro Man macho chic these Cooper tires certainly looked the beans for your mint ’74 Bronco in the city.

The question was, did they actually perform when the time was ripe, or did they shrivel up and make you the laughing stock of the high plains?


With 3-ply Armor-Tek3 walls, silica tread compound, a unique 3×2 center rib tread pattern, stone throwing technology and side biters for those really tricky spots I had been told they would make me look like a legend.  Even if I didn’t know a rockslide from a mudslide.

So after a thorough DQ thrashing up hill and down dale over tarmac, mud, sand, rock and everything else you can imagine what was the result? I can fairly safely say these things glue you to your route like a limpet. Cooper seem, in fact, to have given these tires the grip of Spiderman and the stealth on tarmac of a ninja.

Even when your route is not really a road at all.  But more of a dinosaur theme park with rock formations from Jurassic Park.



Words by Duncan Quinn Photos by Bruce Smith and Duncan Quinn