The Krug House

There are few men who venture to leave a stable existence with consistent financial rewards and the security of a hard won position.  Especially with the responsibilities of a family.

But there are always exceptions to every rule.  After all, that’s what proves them.

And it is often these passionate risk takers who have the last laugh.

Steve Schwarzman is one we all know of today in the financial world.

Joseph Krug was another.


Despite being in his 40’s (somewhat akin to being in your 60’s today), and against the counsel of his wife and family, he upped and left to pursue a dream of quality.  A passion for pleasure.  And a vision that would result in what many say is the king of champagnes.

Joseph cast aside the conventional wisdom that champagnes, like other wines, were best when bottled as representations of each vintage.  He decided he did not want his wines to be subject to the fickle mistress of each years’ harvest.  No longer would what he drank be dependent upon the weather, and all the other things he could not control, from year to year.

His crusade was for something he could enjoy consistently.  From one bottle to the next.  One day to the next.  And one year to the next.  He never wanted to be upset by opening a bottle that did not taste just so.  Exactly as it should.

And thus Krug became a blend of many different cuvees, carefully blended together by a master, to ensure that each bottle was a perfect pleasure.

His passion and vision worked out.

And six generations later Olivier Krug continues to run the house of that Joseph started.

With a smile on his face, and a generous spirit of inclusion and fun, he invited a lucky few to become part of the family this week in New York as Krug opened the doors of its KRUG House.

And what a funhouse it is.

KRUG: ***** When only the best will do.
Olivier Krug: ***** The host with the most.
Favourite Random Attendee: Phil Winser of The Fat Radish…