One for the Road


Words by: JPS for duncan quinn

Rolls-Royce is offering 15 of its well-heeled customers the chance to be very happy campers indeed

with the chance to commission one of its new, retro-inspired and totally toast-worthy bespoke cocktail hampers. Beyond the traditional glass of bubbly best enjoyed in the back of a Rolls, the hamper comes with enough kit to throw a small party en route should they so desire. The hampers, each of which takes eight weeks to complete, is the result of a collaboration between Rolls’ designers and cocktail experts from storied London Hotels The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane, icons of hospitality where mixology has been elevated to an art form.


Made of American Walnut and the same natural grain leather used for Rolls’ upholstery, is a throwback to Edwardian times when no gentleman would think of setting off on a motoring jaunt without such a contraption strapped to the back. The mirrored, self-lit bar-in-a-box contains an ice bucket, tumblers, decanters, a shaker, paring knife, a muddler, strainer, cotton cocktail napkins, a glass tray, chopping board and a book of curated cocktail recipes designed to please the most discerning tippler. The glasses, which themselves take a month to complete and feature platinum rims, are made by Theresienthal, supplier to many of the Continent’s Royal Courts. Everything is ingeniously housed in racks that can be locked in place when not in use. Now you just need two things: some booze and a chauffeur…..


Words by JPS for duncan quinn