New York’s Best New Bar

I get to see a lot of new restaurants and bars in my line of work as a photographer, but few really stand alone as places I’m desperate to revisit after I have put my equipment down.

Words by: Henry Hargreaves
Photos by: Henry Hargreaves

Saint Mazie’s is one such spot, I had to shoot the interiors before they officially opened the doors and I was totally blown away by the look of this new bar. The owner/designer is John McCormick who previous outings include Moto, Smith and Mills and Five Leaves, places that redefined the dining genre of old world comfort. For Mazie he has teamed up with Jessica Wertz from Greenpoint’s Nameless bar. The name was taken from a unique character Joseph mitchell wrote about who looked after the homeless in lower Manhattan during the 30’s and hence she became known as Saint Mazie. The space echos what I imagine a vaudeville theatre from the 30’s to be like and with live acts performing regularly on their stage it may be as close as any of us will ever get to the real thing. The bar is open nightly and in the coming weeks the garden will open and food will be serve, while the celler is set to open in the fall.

Words by Henry Hargreaves Photos by Henry Hargreaves