Miami Heat

My favorite moment? the first sip of the chocolate-expresso cocktail handed to me by Elayne Duff towards the end of the evening. For some reason it just tasted right. The right amount of wrong sort of right.


I was in the company of wolves. Just where I like to be. And we were indulging in some tom-foolery in a tasting room speakeasy upstairs on a 1966 double decker bus.And rather splendid it was, even if I do say so myself.

The whole point of our Cask Chronicles was to bring together friends in an extra-ordinary environment for an experience they would not forget. So it was great to see the fruits of the labors of so many turn into the reality of people lingering to the last drop before heading off into the steamy Miami night for the rest of their adventure.

Zacapa had proven to be a perfect companion for the backdrop of the Design District where we’d smuggled the bus into Plummer Alley opposite our friends at Christian Louboutin.Needless to say we stole the show.But then not everyone has a vintage double decker bus to play with.

The most popular articles on this leg of the tour? Our new leather goods handmade for us in Genoa, Italy.

Well, that and several bespoke suits…

Next up: The City of Angels.