Message In a Bottle:


Words by: JPS for duncan quinn

In 1790 a young Scotsman named George Sandeman decided to start selling fortified wine from Portugal.

225 years of great Port followed, with Sandeman becoming the brand of choice for English gentlemen who desired to finish their meals with a suitable libation. Now his descendants are celebrating the milestone with the release of a limited edition collection of Vintage Porto 2000, featuring six special bottles designed to commemorate various aspects of the Sandeman legacy: The Word, The Spirit, The Journey, The Craft, The Pioneer and The Hat & Cape. Only 225 limited edition wooden cased sets containing all six will be offered for those who want to toast the great house in true style.


Here’s the breakdown of the big six:
The Word pays tribute to George Sandeman’s belief that you must always stand by your word. The Spirit stands for the determination and self-confidence of the young founder who quickly became known amongst his peers as a man with a ‘great spirit’ of enterprise. The Journey recalls George’s perilous trips around the world to spread the gospel of Porto Wine. The Craft is a tribute to the many talented workers, winegrowers, winemakers, coopers and tasters who create the perfect Sandeman port. The Pioneer is an homage to Sandeman’s early use of a trademark for his brand. And finally The Hat & Cape refers to Sandeman’s famed man wearing said garments who adorns every label. So who’s up for a tasting?


Words by JPS for duncan quinn