Fancy Pants Party Bus

Normally for me, or most people for that matter – the idea of drinking on a bus sends shivers up and down my spine. Cheap plastic cups, non-vintage “booze” and commingling with the general population equals my idea of social purgatory. However, when the cocktail party invitation from duncan quinn – The Cask Chronicles came my way, I knew it was an opportunity not to be missed!

Words by: DINEGIRL


Nestled under soft lighting next to a sleeping fleet of beautiful cars at the Classic Car Club, there she was in all her glory. (Apparently she is a she). Past the first floor mini boutique you head up the twisted steps where a gorgeous hand crafted little drinking nook awaits. Huge vintage punch bowls with aged Zacapa rum punch and vintage glasses makes you feel like you’re part of some sort of mobster prohibition speakeasy party. (Like in the beginning of “Some Like it Hot” at Mozzarella’s funeral parlor – I almost expected Spats Colombo to come join the soiree!)

In addition to the vintage punch, the mixologist Elayne Duff put together a menu of amazing cocktails for the evening. I chose the namesake Cask Chronicle, which was similar to the classic Manhattan, but with a twist (literally, with grapefruit). The cocktail was elegant, classy, and uplifting. When the cocktails and surroundings are so beautiful, conversation comes alive.

Magical moments like this are fleeting. Just like Mozzarella’s funeral party ended in a police raid, there comes a time to pack up the bow fiddle and take the party south for refuge… bon voyage to Miami she goes!


Created by Diageo Reserve Ambassador, Elayne Duff
*recipe for one drink

INGREDIENTS:1/2 ounce Zacapa 23
1/2 ounce Bitter Aperitif Italian liqueur
1/2 ounce Full bodied Sweet Vermouth
Grapefruit Twist for Garnish

PREPARATION:Combine Zacapa 23, bitter aperitif and full-bodied
sweet vermouth into barrel. Let sit for 4-6 weeks.
Pour contents into a rocks glass with ice ball.
Garnish with grapefruit twist.


YIELD:1 drink, no drink contains more than 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol.