Cask Chronicles I

If I’d known then what I know now I’d probably have decided that I was as insane as most people I discussed it with told me I was. Everyone who owned one of these things told me they were a nightmare. That they became all consuming if you wanted them to actually work. That no one had parts. That even when they did,the fact that they were made in England in the 1960?s meant that half the time there were different bolts on the same fixture. So fixing anything was a voyageof discovery as you never knew what you would find. A little like Forest Gump and his box of chocolates.


Needless to say that neither dissuaded me, nor stopped me.After all, people often pretend something they are eyeballs deep in is terrible and shouldn’t be associated with.To keep out those who are not worthy to belong.

So after much searching, losing many candidates, and returning full circle to the original we had found while running around in Miami doing our pop ups in the Design District from 2009 to 2011 we bought ourselves a 1966 Bristol Lodekka double decker bus.

It was rather fitting that it came from “Churchills” pub.An infamous den of iniquity that is a staple of the live music scene in Miami and which has promoted and hosted live bands through thick and thin for decades.So rather more than a little rock ‘n roll was imbued in the structure of our old girl.Because of course, she’s a she.And definitely not a he.

This all started many years ago when I decided it would be a laugh and a little in people’s faces to get a double decker and swan around the Hamptons in it in the summer using it as a store at the beaches.It never worked out, but the seed was sewn.

Eventually this led to us cooking up a plan with our friends over at Zacapa rum. Because of course, every double decker deserves a speakeasy.And who better to do it with than one of the finest tipples around.We convinced them that in keeping with our very bespoke lifestyle that only the best would do, and that it had better be special. And just for us. So they got their head mixologist, Elayne Duff, working away on cooking up some barrel aged cocktail concoctions only to be served on the bus. Ding Ding. As they say.

But first we had to give her a facelift and some other work to make her ours…

Churchills Pub: ***** One of a kind
Bristol Lodekka: ***** Ahead of its time