Cask Chronicles III

As we pulled into the warehouse in Bushwick the awaiting crew jumped on and started tearing her apart. For sometimes one must destroy to create.


Stripped of all her chairs we got them off to my mate Matt Haly at the Furniture Joint to get cracking on reupholstering the originals to turn them into the seats for our speakeasy. Of course that meant figuring out colors and fabrics but that’s not exactly challenging when you do what we do.

Once the chairs came out it was full speed ahead transforming her by replacing downstairs with a new DQ store, and a speakeasy upstairs. All of course complete with 24,000 btu of AC and heat powered by the magic of an inverter and five marine Lithium batteries.

We shot the photos to wrap here with and had the guys at Skins wrap her and while Peter “Pilot” flew in a refurbished injector pump from England we cracked on getting her prepped for her first event.

Of course I should have expected the e-mail from the Classic Car Club where we were to host our first guests…”So how high is this bus?”, “13 feet 4 1/2 inches”,…”Hmmm…well our doors are only 12 feet 11 inches…so we may have a problem”.

Of course there is nearly always a solution to every problem…so with an amazing tow truck driver (she still wasn’t running…) and letting the air out of the tires we still managed to be ready for dinner which Nick from Fat Radish was rustling up to go with the bespoke Zacapa cocktails Elayne would be serving.

It ended up being quite the affair.

CCC: ***** Not just the drive of your life
Zacapa Bespoke Cocktails: ***** A rum affair indeed.
Fat Radish: ***** Choice edibles