Words and Photo by: HENRY HARGREAVES

Aperitifs and digestifs are the drinks that serve as the book ends to your evening. Aperitifs open the palette up in anticipation of the meal and digestifs help digest it. Campari is my personal favorite aperitif. Two ways to take it are the classic Campari and soda or the slightly more boozy Americano. Incidentally the very first drink James Bond orders in Casino Royale is an Americano, specifying Perrier as his soda water of choice.

Campari and Soda

– Pour 2 oz of Campari over ice
– Fill glass with soda water
– Garnish with orange twist and wedge of lemon, spring of mint*


– 1.5oz Campari
– 1oz sweet vermouth
– Fill glass with soda
– Garnish with half an orange wheel

* They way it was served to me at the Caruso Hotel in Ravello, breaks tradition, but boy did it enhance the taste. Lemon cut a little of the sweetness and the sprig of mint brought a little more excitement to the drink

Words by HENRY Hargreaves Photos by HENRY Hargreaves