Considering how much bubbly (and specifically Krug)
I’ve guzzled down in the last few years, months, weeks, days…
I should know a little bit more about the special suds, but alas
my expertise in the subject is somewhat limited to just consumption.


Which isn’t a bad thing because the only thing you really need to know about Krug is that it is delicious, refined, very expensive…. and perfectly paired with another refined expensive goodie such as caviar – which is best served naked*.

Generally regarded as a connoisseur’s champagne, Krug House is known for its hand crafted blended Cuvées. Krug is best loved not at 3am where it arrives with fireworks shooting from the top, but rather in a more relaxed setting where you’re able to savor the moment and enjoy a nice conversation. At a recent Krug and caviar tasting at Duncan Quinn, we were treated to unlimited bubbles (always great) and an introduction to the fabulous Pointy Snout Caviar. The caviar was of course served on a bed of crushed ice, in long camel-bone spoons. Clean, fresh and almost buttery, it was difficult to determine if it was the Krug that brought out the best in the caviar, or vice versa.

Either way it was a fabulous match. No need for unnecessary fluff such as mixers for the champagne or blinis for the caviar… this party was purely about showcasing the time, effort and love it takes to produce some of the finer things in life. In a world where cheap, soul-less anything is readily available at the click of your fingertips, it’s nice to be able to sit back and appreciate some hand crafted, artisanal treats.