Weddings by DQ



Words by: duncan quinn


What can we do?

We can make anything you ask us to.  However we will decline to make a ‘copy’ of a suit from another house.  Its probably better you go to them if it is something you really like.  And we will also politely decline if we think you will look like Coco the Clown.  Other than that anything is fair game and we will go to every extreme to source, make and procure special things to make your bespoke suit unique.  From weaving special fabrics for trim to sourcing buttons, creating special pockets and providing bespoke accessories to go with your suit there simply is nowhere else that will go the extra mile to make sure what you have is unique.

  Also available: bespoke shirts,  limited run colors on our ties, pocket squares and other accessories should you fancy coordinating with your soon to be other half…

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