The Rep of Your Repp

With any resurgence prep so returns the rep (or repp) tie. Known for its colorful diagonal stripes it actually gets its name from the tightly woven ribbed silk that it is made from.


Originating in England in the 1880’s it has a dual heritage.  From both the battlefields, and the playing fields.

As the British Army began to shed colorful target friendly uniform in favor of sniper safe khakis the rep tie found a new home among private clubs and athletic teams.

By the 1920’s they had reached America and were quickly adopted into Ivy League school uniforms.

This new found affiliation was not popular among proper Englishman.  You simply did not wear a tie from a club to which you did not belong.

The ties were so popular with overbearing Americans that English shop keeps had to put them under lock and key and ask for identification when requested.

So as not to further offend Americans ran their diagonal stripes from right to left instead of the traditional left to right.

Nowadays a stripe tie could just be a stripe tie.  Here at duncan quinn we  have a tasty selection of our own designed for men of good taste from both sides of the pond.

Tie one on and strut your stuff.