The Goldenballs Chronomat


Not so long ago David Beckham was a manchild with a squeeky voice, a powerful set of hams, and a surgically enhanced and allegedly spicy wife.  In the decade since DQ was supposed to rendezvous with him in Spain to help him dress the part he’s grown up into a full on fashion deity with golden balls and tighty whiteys of his very own on sale at H&M.  He’s the man every saucy girl wants to bed (and many claim they have) and every bloke either wants to have a knock about or get into fisticuffs with.

Breilting clearly thinks he’s the dogs danglers as they’ve just printed him a large check to be the new face of their Transocean Chronograph Unitime watch.  And his rockabilly globetrotter does them proud.  As does the watch.  She’s a peach.

That said, we quite like the look of the new special edition Navitimer Blue Sky 60th Anniversary for when we alight in our Icon A5 to spirit ourselves and a lovely lady off to the lake of a weekend for a cheeky GnT.  And also the Avenger Seawolf Code Yellow for when we re-enlist in the next mercenary coup to take place in your despot ridden country of choice.

All in all its a smorgasboard of choice chez Breitling.  But we do love them.  They’re for mavericks.  Gentlemen Rogues.  So how could we not?

Goldenballs:  5* Some Might Say Better Off the Pitch Than On
Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime:  4* For those with their own airstrip
Breitling Navitimer Blue Sky 60th Edition: 5* Classic With a Twist
Breitling Avenger Seawolf Code Yellow: 5* Perfect For Every Mercenary’s Backpack