Suits you sir?

A gentleman recently asked me what sets a duncan quinn suit apart from the rest. I responded in kind with my break down of the dq suit and its particulars.


1. Shoulders- the roped shoulder of the house cut at duncan quinn reflects the bold English expression of Savile Row. With heavy roping a lip is created where sleeve head meets shoulder. This is reminiscent of military uniforms.

2. Pockets- the hacking pockets are cut at an angle for easy access. Derived from the word hack (horse) is an animal used for pleasure riding. This is an unusual feature on a suit, normally reserved for riding jackets. But we like to be contrarian. So there you are.

3. Waistband- the dress extension gives the trouser clean lines without spoiling the drape with a belt and loops. Side tabs are added to adjust the waist between meals.

4. Buttons- Authentic Elk horn buttons are used to polish off the suit. Horn is stronger than plastic and maintains its patina for a lifetime.

5. Lining- We use the finest quality satin and Bemburg linings from the UK. Ask for blood red or slutty pink. We always have plenty on hand.

6. Labor- the suit itself actually takes around 40 hours for skilled artisans to put together but that is once the cloth, linings and other materials arrive on the cutting table. Sleeves are set by hand to give ease in movement. The collar, lapels, pockets and buttonholes are also crafted by hand.

7. Pattern Matching- Our tailors work meticulously to make sure your stripes and checks line up in crucial focal points like pocket flaps, shoulder seams and lapels.

8. Surgeon’s Cuffs- are the working buttonholes on the jackets sleeves. This of course refers to a time when doctors made house calls and it was necessary to roll one’s sleeves up instead of removing the coat.

And of course, this all comes with a ‘get laid guarantee’.  After all, there’s no point if it doesn’t work.