Permanent Vacation


Words by: Duncan Quinn

As with most sane human beings inhabiting the rabbit wheel of developed first world countries

(and perhaps everyone, for that matter) I have often striven to escape the daily grind.  Some might say I have succeeded.  But as with everything, the grass is always greener.

Or the ocean bluer.

So I regularly ponder the lives of many a salty seadog I have come across in my travels.  Plying their trade by racing the ocean blue.  All over the world.  In some of its most beautiful locations.  All powered by the wind of the gods.  A little old school engineering.  And some serious skill.


So what do you need to look the part at the Voiles or Bucket races?  Well, a yacht, a schedule, a team, and of course some team kit…

Here’s what to wear:

If you can get it, the team crew polo, if not, rock your own.

Non marking deck shoes…or go rogue barefeet.  Just make sure your pedicure isn’t going to scare the world.

Sunglasses & something to tie them on with (believe me, you will lose them overboard if not)

Sunblock – get the zinc stuff, or if you can, P20…its not available in the US but am sure you can find a man who can.

If you must, wear one.  And if you want to be one of the yachting crowd, probably a vintage Mount Gay one will give you the nod you are looking for…


Words by Duncan Quinn