Keepers of the Flame


Words by: JPS for duncan quinn

Nowadays it’s awfully difficult for a gent to enjoy a cigarette or cigar after a fine meal

without being treated like some sort of jihadist. That does not mean, however, that you should sneak around in alleyways stealing a smoke hoping no one sees you. On the contrary, the fact that smoking has become all but extinct in polite society is the perfect opportunity to show that for a true gentleman it’s in fact yet another opportunity to show off one’s skills as a preux chevalier or valiant knight, as Bertie Wooster would say. The right sort of woman will be bound to appreciate it. First off, equip yourself with some gent’s smoking essentials, preferably of the vintage variety for added panache.


A classic sterling silver Dunhill lighter and accompanying sterling and enamel cigarette case should do the trick. When dining at home with friends or even at an extremely elegant function, an old-school smoking jacket is a must. Vintage finds from Sulka of Paris are pretty stunning but here at DQ we can create a custom job from any fabric you can think of. Velvet slippers to match, natch Now the next time you see a lady in want of a cigarette, instead of proffering a crushed pack of Camels you produce case and lighter, and with some elegant movements of the wrist she is blazing away in a jiffy – and regarding you in a whole new light, so to speak.

“The Continental” on Saturday Night Live featuring Christopher Walken