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Tonik Mohair has to be our all time favourite cloth. Its the suit of choice for Jack Carter. So don’t be wearing it if you can’t handle yourself.

That said, its also the choice of Alfie. The original ladies man.

Immortalized on film by Michael Caine when Alfie told us:

“I was wearing a navy-blue lightweight suit, in a material called Tonik, made by Dormeuil, and I didn’t want it spoiling. I don’t care whether a bird uses Max Factor Mattfilm or Outdoor Girl from Woolworth’s, if she starts purring up against your lapel, it won’t look the better for it.”

We think it would depend on the girl, but she’d certainly have to be someone very special to sacrifice your Tonik.

At duncan quinn we work with several suppliers of the finest cloths known to man, and Duncan’s francophile bent does no harm to his affinity for the house of Dormeuil.

Duncan Quinn
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Still owned by the Dormeuil family and based in Paris they make some of the most amazing stuff you can get your hands on when it comes to making a suit.  In keeping with our preference to obtain the best things from the best places its all woven in Huddersfield in the north of England where they’ve been running off the highest quality cloth since the industrial revolution.

As as sign of their mutual respect for the sort of work we do at duncan quinn they also honor us by allowing us to make our own specially selected swatch books. Something they only do for four of their over 500 North American accounts.  We like to think its because they know we know what we’re doing.  But it could also be we order so much Tonik from them that they know not to mess.

After all, as Jack Carter loved to say, “you may be a big man, but I do this for a living.”

So next time you’re pondering what to do for that piece-de-resistance, whether it be the ultimate roadwarrior suit (Tonik travels better than anything we know), or that badass Tuxedo that’s going to make you Gangster No.1 at the ball, make sure you consider some Tonik.

Just like a Rolls Royce you’ll remember the quality long after you forget the price.

*Tonik is a combination of two yarns woven together with a 2-ply warp and 2-ply weft for the strongest, longest lasting and best looking finish.  It is 90% mohair and 10% worsted wool.  Accept no substitute because there simply isn’t one.  No one else makes it.