Get Knotted


Words by: Duncan Quinn

Theft. That is why you need a DQ tie. Plain and simple.

For only exceptional things inspire the dreams of avarice. And much as I would love to still have my limited edition blue multigun tie I take it as a rather large compliment that it was purloined. Whilst at a wedding in the mountains just north of Monte Carlo, no less. By no saltier a pirate than one could ever hope to meet. Apparently he is very handy with a large gust of wind and has formidable skill with his rudder.  For he is a champion sailor. Captain of his ship. And proof incontrovertible that characters with character quite like a bit of DQ bounty.

Since these glorious silk artworks are indeed so rare, and created with much malice aforethought, we decided it may make sense to explain.  For they all have a meaning and a story.  From the apparently lowly stripes which follow a prime sequence, to the Basquihats inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat with a twist of Victorian London.


Woven in Sudbury in England the silk yarn for each tie is carefully selected from the highest possible grades available.  Then the colors selected and approved by Duncan are woven into an initial color test sample blanket.  Each one looks like a mini throw in multiple colors.  At that point the final determination is made as to which colorways will make the cut and be woven for actual ties to be made from.


Generally speaking duncan quinn ties are some of the rarest and most limited edition items you are likely to find in a man’s wardrobe.  We only make around a dozen of each color.  So they really are rarer than hen’s teeth. After the silk is woven each tie is hand cut, stitched and finished near London by a group of very convivial ladies.  Each tie is cut to a duncan quinn pattern and finished with our signature silk tippings which are also woven in limited amounts (look out for next year’s “Drambo”.) 

Finally the ties are air freighted to New York City for inspection before being photographed and made ready for sale.


All 12 of each design that is.  So if you see one you like.  We’d suggest you grab it sooner rather than later


Words by Duncan Quinn