The DQ Gun Tie


Words by: Duncan Quinn

Our gun ties appeared as an homage to movies which inspire the gentlemen of duncan quinn.

Each is not simply a gun (or collage of guns) but applause for a movie. A nod and a wink in the direction of greater men. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Magnum 44, AK47, Desert Eagle 2.0, Beretta and Walther PPK all made a lasting impression on the big screen.  We’ll let you figure out where just so we don’t get another cease and desist letter for saying, “Make my day”.

For our single placement gun ties (the ones with the large single motif) production is way more intricate and detail oriented than your run of the mill tie.  First each tie has to have a special design created for the weaving pattern so that the gun appears in the exact place on the silk for cutting.  Then each tie is ‘pin’ cut so that the motif appears in the exact location Duncan has dictated for it.  This uses about 40% more silk than a normal tie and allows cutting only in one direction.  Most ties are cut from regular random patterns which can be cut in both directions and maximize silk usage.


Each is a limited edition of  12.  So if you see one you like, we suggest you grab it sooner rather than later…

Words by Duncan Quinn