Feel the fibre of your fabric


We’re pretty easy going in terms of how we do things at duncan quinn.

Sometimes we are simpletons.  In the same way that Sir Winston Churchill was.  After all, we share his tastes: we are easily satisfied with the best.

Which is why many of the things you will find in our stores are things that are tough to find elsewhere.

Our shirts are a prime example.

Although many have heard of Thomas Mason, you may not know that aside from the hum-drum stuff they mass produce for everyone and their uncle they do also make a very limited selection of the good stuff.  The really good stuff.  Its called Thomas Mason Bespoke.  For the obvious reason. There are only a handful of places to get your hands on this gear in the USA.  And duncan quinn is, of course, one of them.

Egyptian cotton is the best in the world. Which is why Thomas Mason grows theirs in their own cotton fields.  One in the unique conditions along the River Nile, the other in the fertile region of its delta.  They take it one step further as well, and also grow some very special strains which yield yarns that guarantee the shirt fabric woven from it will be second to none. One of them is the Giza 87 which is sewn in May every year.  Its an extra long staple cotton, which, among other things, makes the yarn incredibly silky. To accentuate its characteristics they go to great lengths to ensure all potential contamination present in the raw materials is removed. The result is a fabric of exceptional performance. A soft hand which remains pleasurable to the touch even after being cleaned many times.

Once we have the good stuff in hand, we take your measurements, and then cut each shirt from a pattern made just for you.  Right here, in New York City.  One at a time.  Using materials and an attention to detail that is second to none.

We’re told its not a great business model.  But we use the best there is, make it the best it can be, and then let the rest be down to you wearing it.