Its that time of year when the deluge from the rose faucet is about to reduce to a trickle.


The sun is feeling just that little bit weaker. In the world outside the greenhouse the leaves are about to turn. And everyone starts to look forward to the colors of fall. Well, that and the richer, heavier reds and your favorite stews. Beef bourguignon. Lancashire hot pot. Perhaps even just a rich, meaty spaghetti bolognese.

But what to wear now that the flip flops, polos, shorts and swimmers have been retired? Its not yet time to wrap up fully, but its about to get crisp enough that its time to dust off something to mask all that good food and wine you’re about to dive into.

That normally means a good, heavy-ish, flannel for me. Brushed wool of sorts. Soft. Warm. Elegant. Remarkably rakish when cut right. Even with a pair of your favorite slim cut jeans and a light pullover. 10oz for October, then heading into the 12oz range before its tweed time when it really starts to get cold.

Its just a perfect staple for the weather and pairs well with layers to create an elegant, yet casual, look. Go for a plain grey or blue depending which tickles your fancy (or both if you feel like a splurge). A well made one will stand the test of time, so try to snag something made with cloth from Dormeuil, which makes some of the best cloth money can buy. Or if you can catch one while we have them, snag one of our limited edition ready to wear ones…