24 Hours


There’s a very good reason Heuer decided to recreate the Monaco watch they first released in 1969 in honor of the iconic Grand Prix held every year. Supposedly it was the first square cased chronograph. I’m sure it had all kinds of amazing and noteworthy functions. But of course no one really gives a hoot about that.

The only reason anyone really cares about this watch or finds it so cherishable is living proof that product placement works. You see Heuer were smart enough to get the original Monaco onto the wrist of Steve McQueen for the filming of his movie Le Mans. Despite receiving a tepid reception in 1972 it has gone on to become an iconic movie for McQueen and car fanatics alike.

So its no surprise that the Monaco Steve McQueen actually wore in the movie was just sold at auction for $800,000.

Lets be honest, for the man who has everything owning this piece of history is hard to beat.