Life is about stories. If you don’t live your life but let it pass you by you won’t have any. And we all know someone who has more. But that shouldn’t stop you sucking the marrow out and enjoying as many experiences as you can. New places, new people, new tastes, new sounds, or even for those of us who have been privileged enough to have been saturated with great stuff, more of the same.

duncan quinn is all about living life to the full. And the incredible clothes we make are just a part of it. Along with a wardrobe full of bespoke suits and limited edition accessories, handmade shoes and other goodies go a palate well versed in the delights of wine, food and other good company. Even better if they can be enjoyed after experiencing the high of having piloted a piece of machinery that really has to be handled with your body and soul. Whether it be a thoroughbred horse or a thoroughbred supercar or superbike. And relaxing with a cocktail on the teak deck of a beautiful

yacht while the sun goes down after a hard day of racing doesn’t hurt either.

The duncan quinn concierge will provide access to limited edition, limited availability events offering its members the chance to partake in once in a lifetime experiences such as wine tastings, dinners, car rallies, yacht racing and other events specifically designed to make your cup of life run over.

Every now and again even the most connected person needs someone to help open a door for them that is tough to pry open without a personal introduction. For those moments when you need a hand making the magic happen our concierge can make a few calls to a man who can and see what we can do. And we know a lot of men (well, and ladies) who can. From restaurant reservations, to nightclub doors, hotel connections and secret watering holes with a special number or code we can make it happen.

So what does it take to get a look at these special invites or get us to pick up the phone and get things to happen for you? Its pretty simple really. If you have been one of our bespoke customers within the last 12 months you don’t need to do anything. You’ve already shown us the love and we’ll show you ours.

So don’t hang about, get in touch with us at