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DQ holiday box

DQ ultimate boxes

This holiday season, we hope we've solved a problem that has existed since a fat man with a white beard first squeezed himself into a chimney. That of "what-to-buy-the-man-who-has-everything" for the holidays.
Dot Ties5

The Movie Gun Ties Collection

Our Iconic DQ Movie Gun Ties: Believe it or not, these ties originated with a wedding party. Not a shotgun wedding, but more of a six-shooter wedding. So, of course, given our penchant for bespoke items, we obliged.

Exclusive Luggage Collection

Exclusive DQ luggage for all your travels. Numbered. Hand drawn. Hand cut. Hand stitched. Ballistic nylon and leather. The finest metal zippers and fittings. Ergonomic details built upon a decade of R&D. Not just a style statement. But a state of mind.

The duncan quinn Shirt Club

Become one of our loyal inner circle and have a fresh handmade shirt delivered to your door using your unique specifications each month of the year. Come the holidays, we'll wrap up an extra shirt and tie to thank you for your loyalty.
mike shirt

Everlasting Shirts

Despite having made custom and bespoke shirts with other shirtmakers around the same time, [the duncan quinn shirts] are the only ones that lasted the course. I threw the other brands away. The duncan quinn ones I still wear to this day...almost six years later. And they look as good as new.
classic ties

The Warlord

5 years ago I didn’t know Duncan Quinn. We had not yet become friends and traveled together. 5 years ago I looked as if I had been dressed in the dark by droopy-eyed, armless gnomes. I have a large 5 foot 18 inch body that is not easy to fit with off-the-rack suits. Enter Duncan.
Dot Ties4

Behind our ties

Generally speaking duncan quinn ties are some of the rarest and most limited edition items you are likely to find in a man’s wardrobe. We only make around a dozen of each color. So they really are rarer than hen’s teeth.

Tweed in Toronto

I was out in Toronto of all places, wearing a tweed DQ suit that we intentionally made to look like a tweed shooting suit. I had just sat down with a friend for dinner at Canoe, and this older gentleman with a much younger woman on each arm comes up, apologizes for interrupting us, and says..
DQ Cuffflink


Our cufflinks are classic yet edgy at the same time. Wear them with everything from jeans to a tuxedo. Timeless elegance with gusto. Sterling silver or brass with enamel. Hand made in New York City.
Dot Ties3


Our ties are all limited editions, hand made, 100% silk. Woven and made in England.
mike tux

Weddings by DQ

From suits to nuts to bolts... The only thing we don't do is the impossible.
DQ Bespoke


When we started making ‘bespoke’ suits in New York City in 2003 even the guys from GQ and the New York Times had never heard the word.

Top Time: James Bond’s Breitling

In 2013 one of James Bond’s watches sold for a staggering $160,000. A relatively obscure Breitling model, the Top Time, made a brief but important appearance on Sean Connery’s wrist in 1965’s Thunderball.

Naughty-Lust: The Legendary ‘70s Patek Philippe

The Nautilus is not like other Patek Philippes. Compared to its slim, achingly elegant brethren its groovy, curvy case is almost obscene, in the best possible sense.

The Heuer Seafarer

There are a couple different versions of the Seafarer that were produced by Heuer over the years for A&F but the one being offered by Bonhams is among the rarest, last made, and most beautiful.

Moonwatch: When Omega Went Interstellar

Prices on vintage Omega Speedmasters have lately gone insanely high – which is only fitting given how the watch gained its fame.
limted edition

Limited Edition

Our limited edition polo for summer 2016 commemorating our antics at the Monaco Grand Prix. With a nod to the iconic Hesketh Racing and playboy James Hunt, as well as our favourite vintage racing schooner they're certainly conversation starters and won't last long.

The ‘Doctor’ Is In: Ultra-Rare Watches from Phillips’ Geneva Sale

We recently waxed poetic on a ludicrously cool Breitling Duograph coming up for auction by Phillips in Geneva on May 14.

Jack Brabham’s Breitling: Racing History for the Wrist

Sir Jack Brabham is what you call a real racing legend. He won a little thing called the Formula One World Championships in 1959, 1960 and 1966...

Baselworld Beauty: TAG Brings Back the Heuer Monza

The Monza is a reissue in celebration of the model’s 40th anniversary. In 1976, Jack Heuer designed a chronograph to celebrate Niki Lauda's first world championship title with Ferrari.
get knotted

The DQ Gun Tie

Our gun ties appeared as an homage to movies which inspire the gentlemen of duncan quinn.  Each is not simply a gun (or collage of guns) but applause for a movie.

Keepers of the Flame

The fact that smoking has become all but extinct in polite society is the perfect opportunity to show that for a true gentleman it’s in fact yet another opportunity to show off one’s skills as a preux chevalier or valiant knight, as Bertie Wooster would say...
mc queen watch

McQueen’s Other Watch

One of the important aspects of Steve McQueen’s longevity as an icon of rugged elegance is that he was born with style; long before he had the cash to buy up Rolexes and Ferraris he was into functional, good-looking clothes and accessories...

Rally Reward: The Austin-Healey Rolex

We love cool vintage watches as much as cool vintage cars. So when the two come together we feel it’s worth a squib. To wit: the rare 1930s Rolex Striped Prince wristwatch owned by the great Donald Healey...
carroll shelby

Snake Charmer

Earlier this year Swiss watch brand Baume & Mercier announced a partnership with Carroll Shelby International Inc., the company founded by the motorsports legend whose name adorns some of the world’s most coveted cars.

Breguet: Watchmaker to Napoleon and Balzac 

Legendary Swiss watchmaker Breguet, established in Paris in 1775, is credited with creating the first wristwatch, the first self-winding watch, the repeating mechanism and the tourbillon...
the spy

The Spy & the Submariner

As the latest Bond film Spectre is about to be released, 007 fans have a chance to snap up something pretty special: the one-of-a-kind Rolex “Buzz Saw Bezel” Submariner Ref. 5513

Still Going in Style

At age 82 the indomitable, inimitable Sir Michael Caine is in the midst of filming a new action film, Going In Style, in NYC. The title of the bank heist flick couldn’t be more appropriate as an encomium for Caine’s colorful life in pictures.
naughty lust

Swiss Time

Patrick Dempsey Drops In On TAG Heuer: Some prefer Patrick Dempsey’s driving to his acting. The Grey’s Anatomy star has morphed into the new Steve McQueen, doing some very serious racing around the world at the wheel of Aston Martins and Porsches.
time to get touch

Time to Get Tough

Why Navy SEALs Turn to Luminox: Since 1994 Luminox, the all-American brand of Swiss-made tactical watches, has supplied timepieces to the Navy SEALs after they requested a tough-as-nails dive watch for night missions.
Double Style

Double “O” Style for Fall

As rosé season comes to a close in the south of France (and every where else) its time to ditch the cotton, the seersucker and those Nantucket reds.  And get yourself kitted out in some fine flannel, tweed or worsted wool.
keith moon

Keith Moon

The story of The Who drummer Keith Moon driving a Rolls-Royce into a hotel swimming pool has proven to be apocryphal, but the point is he very well could have done it.
czech and speake

Czech & Speake

Founded in 1978 by a designer named Frank Sawkins, Czech & Speake combines a love of an earlier, more elegant era with a desire to create the very best in gent’s grooming essentials, aimed at evoking “a modern Englishness conveying a sense of history, elegance and craft...”
permanent vacation

Permanent Vacation

The life of a salty seadog. As with most sane human beings inhabiting the rabbit wheel of developed first world countries (and perhaps everyone, for that matter) I have often striven to escape the daily grind.

Panerai Moves Miami

Inside the Watch Brand’s New Design District Flagship Miami’s Design District, home to many delightful DQ pop-up shops, is rapidly becoming a mecca for haute horology.

A Rally for the Wrist

Frederique Constant Pays Tribute to Austin-Healey From 1952-1972 Austin-Healey produced some of the best British roadsters ever built. The young Clint Eastwood was an early fan, buying a Healey with his first big paycheck.

Get Knotted

Theft. That is why you need a DQ tie. Plain and simple. For only exceptional things inspire the dreams of avarice.
watches cover

Time Machines

Essential Watches from Artcurial’s Monaco Sale: An incredible selection of vintage Rolexes, including some eye-popping Daytonas plus a few pretty natty Patek and Cartier models.

Accessories maketh the man

Giorgio Armani was once credited with saying that any man needs only one good suit.  And one hundred pairs of shoes.


The way your Dad looked at it, this watch was your birthright. He’d be damned if any slope’s gonna put their greasy, yellow hands on his boy’s birthright.
fall guy


What to wear now that the flip flops, polos, shorts and swimmers have been retired? Its not yet time to wrap up fully, but its about to get crisp enough that its time to dust off something to mask all that good food and wine you're about to dive into.


Sometimes, doing something “old school” not only is more fun, but also makes life (and cocktails) better.

Boating Blazer

It’s the weekend and you’re headed to a swanky
soirée in the hills. LA dress code dictates
“cocktail chic” which loosely translated means
“see duncan quinn”.


Premium DQ denim

In the land of movie stars and rock n' rollers
your choice in denim conveys status.

The fit and color are the calling card of
your profession.

Better by Bespoke

Why It Pays To Do It Right
What is bespoke? And why does it cost so much?
You could ask the analogous questions:
what is Formula One?
and why does it cost so much?

DQ Exclusive

Needless to say we like to think that everything we do or make at duncan quinn is pretty special. We also like to think our clients are pretty special too.  That's probably why we become such good friends with them.

Suits you sir?

A gentleman recently asked me what sets a duncan quinn suit apart from the rest. I responded in kind with my break down of the dq suit and its particulars.

The Goldenballs Chronomat

Not so long ago David Beckham was a manchild with a squeeky voice, a powerful set of hams, and a surgically enhanced and allegedly spicy wife.  In the decade since DQ was supposed to rendezvous with him in Spain to help him dress the part...

The Rep of Your Repp

With any resurgence prep so returns the rep (or repp) tie. Known for its colorful diagonal stripes it actually gets its name from the tightly woven ribbed silk that it is made from.

Feel the fibre of your fabric

We're pretty easy going in terms of how we do things at duncan quinn. Sometimes we are simpletons.  In the same way that Sir Winston Churchill was.  After all, we share his tastes: we are easily satisfied with the best.

Color for Dummies

Remember the time you were in that really important meeting and you decided to open your mouth then couldn't believe what came out of it?  That's why a friend of mine has a rule for his sales force:  If it isn't going to help, and it might hurt, don't say it.

A Time for tweed

No one really knows why we call it what we do. But we do know that if you are planning any serious shenanigans in the wild there's not much that beats Tweed.  Back in the day when it was only worn by bagpipe blowing, caber tossing haggis-heads the original...

License to thrill Part II: The Cut

When all is said and done the cut of your cloth is at least as important as the cut of your steak.

License to Thrill Part I – Cloth

Mr James Bond is introduced to us in 1962's Dr No. in a tasty two piece shawl collar dinner suit (tuxedo to us in the USA). Dinner suits done right are probably one of the most effective pieces of equipment in any well dressed man's arsenal...

24 Hours

There's a very good reason Heuer decided to recreate the Monaco watch they first released in 1969 in honor of the iconic Grand Prix held every year. Supposedly it was the first square cased chronograph. I'm sure it had all kinds of amazing and noteworthy functions.

Get tonik

Tonik Mohair has to be our all time favourite cloth. Its the suit of choice for Jack Carter. So don't be wearing it if you can't handle yourself. That said, its also the choice of Alfie. The original ladies man. Immortalized on film by Michael Caine when Alfie told us...

Banker chic

In Guy Ritchie's film Snatch the main character “Turkish” played by Jason Statham wears a dress shirt with a “white bankers' collar” prominently throughout the entire movie.


In the interests of helping those who can’t make it into one of our stores for a lesson, we put together a step-by-step process for you so that next time you need to put on your full James Bond outfit, you can do it with style and aplomb.


Whether it be that you are fully attuned to your inner James Bond, or that you simply don’t give a damn for convention the folding and fluffery involved in the display of a pocket square can say a lot.