Bespoke |bi’spok|

Duncan Quinn
New York.


Some might say Duncan Quinn is responsible for the resurgence of men’s tailoring in the USA.  He’s been curating lives and style since he opened his first eponymous atelier in New York City in 2003.

Renowned for explaining the ins and outs of Bespoke to inquiring minds he curates the wardrobes and lifestyles of gentlemen and rogues all over the world.

He’s also been known to throw the occasional party, indulge in the odd cheeky lunch, drive too fast and enjoy life just a little too much in the company of his friends.

Although Duncan hails from London, his view of the world was heavily influenced by years spent learning about food, wine and life in the south of France.

When he’s not off on an adventure he likes nothing more than to sit and watch the world go by in the Cours Saleya, Nice, France.


Our bespoke shirts are made in Italy from the finest Egyptian cotton milled in Italy. Each shirt is single needle stitched, has mother of pearl buttons a two piece collar and all the bells and whistles you would expect of the finest shirts you can buy.  When making your bespoke shirts a pattern is cut for you and you alone.

To order bespoke shirts please request an appointment on our Bespoke page. Bespoke shirts normally take approximately eight weeks to complete.  Prices start at $425 per shirt. There is a minimum order of four shirts per order.

Ties & Pocket Squares

All of our silk items are woven from Duncan’s unique designs.  And each bears a story.  Its not just a tie.  The silk is woven in Sudbury, England.  Where they have been weaving silk for over 250 years. Normally we only hand make 12 of each color.

We are able to weave small enough amounts of silk to offer bespoke ties, squares, scarves and other items for special events.

Please request an appointment on our Bespoke page. Bespoke silk orders normally take approximately eight weeks.  There is a minimum order of $1,000 per design which can be used to make up to four ties, or a combination of pocket squares and ties.


Duncan loves real handmade shoes.

Ours are made in Spain and take approximately 10 weeks to make. Each pair is cut, stitched and constructed in the same manner as a fully bespoke shoe and uses only the finest leathers, materials and construction.

In order to procure a pair of these works of art just visit one of our stores, try on the sample shoes, choose the leather you prefer, and figure out the design you like.  Then just sit back and wait for the ride of your life to arrive.


Duncan’s eye is sought out by discerning clients from all over the world. Please visit our Bespoke page to request an appointment if you are interested in a bespoke suit.

Each of our ready-to-wear suits speaks to the timeless style we pursue, with a little edge thrown in, and each bespoke suit tells the story the client in question seeks to convey through it.

We make limited edition ready-to-wear suits for all of our stores and specialize in bespoke hand crafted items that are the best a man could ever care to own.

At an initial consultation clients are guided through the selection of the most appropriate cloth for the task(s) the suit will face. Each cloth is selected for the suit in question based upon weight, weave, yarn content and technical applications.  We have cloths ranging from 6.5oz to 16oz and super 80’s through super 240s and include many exotic yarns such as Guanaco, Vicuna, Cashmere, Mohair, Silk and Alpaca.

Each bespoke suit is cut by hand in New York City by a skilled cutter with many years experience and translates the measurements and physiological notes taken by Duncan into a pattern unique for each client’s frame and posture.

Occasionally a basted canvas ‘try-on’ is made as an initial stage for a first fitting, but this is often skipped in order to finish the garment in a time efficient manner depending upon the complexity of the case.

Once the garment has been constructed by hand from the hand cut pieces a final fitting will finish all buttonholes by hand, hem trousers and add any final details the client requests that are appropriate for the task at hand.  No glue or fusing is used in our suits and they are all constructed with floating camelhair and canvas chest-plates for the best fit, drape and lifespan.  Depending upon cloth choice and care they should last longer than you.

Our bespoke suits start at $4,000 for a two piece worsted wool suit.  We do offer a limited “Essential Bespoke” entry level service at $2,500. All bespoke suits take between 8 and 12 weeks to complete in the normal course.